Sunburnt and Interesting

So, second post time! I have been in Australia 1 week now and time is flying in. I am currently in Melbourne living it up with some family. I have been to some of the nicest beaches and seen some of the most spectacular views I could ever possibly imagine.

Today was the first official hot day of my trip – I got so burnt. Safe to say my sun screen was not high enough – I have learnt the lesson the hard way.

As for heading to Flinders I was going to be booking my flight this evening, but, I have managed to secure a family road trip long the coast and some to the South! Should be an interesting experience – one I am extremely excited for. I have just finished selecting my modules and confirming my timetable, things have began to get rel. It is all going so fast I feel like I will be in the classroom next time I blink. My nerves have been completely settled now, excitement fills my shoes. I can not wait to begin this semester!!

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