My European Adventure!

Hi everyone! I’m almost finished with my semester abroad in Leicester and it’s been incredible.

Perhaps the most incredible experience was using my five week Spring break to travel through Europe. I used the Eurail pass and caught trains across the continent seeing some gorgeous sights along the way!

I went to:

Spain: Barcelona (before the break), Valencia, Seville and Madrid

France: Nice and Paris.
Belgium: Bruges
The Netherlands: Amsterdam
Germany: Berlin
Czech Republic: Prague
Austria: Salzburg
Italy: Venice, Treviso, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Florence, Rome, and Bari
Greece: Patras, Athens, Pireus and Santorini

Here’s a few happy snaps…

The gazebo  from the ‘sixteen going on seventeen’ song from the Sound of Music: Salzburg, Austria

One of the many canals in Bruges, Belgium. It was honestly like a fairytale (In Bruges movie reference).

Gluhwein. Basically it’s hot spiced wine, and the greatest thing ever.

Beautiful Prague from the Prague Castle.

Brandenburger Tor in Berlin, in Paris Platz (basically means Paris Square, it’s where the French Embassy is).

Paella and Sangria in Valencia, Spain.

A government building in Valencia, it was pretty everywhere you look.

Monaco castle, where Grace Kelly used to live.

Need I explain? The Eiffel Tower with my study abroad friend from Florida. PARIS!

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, make a wish!

Just one of a billion bridges in Amsterdam, right after visiting the Anne Frank House.


Okay guys, I hope you enjoyed the taster! Stay tuned for more in-depth city blogs, and more pictures!


For now I have assignments to write…


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