Dylan Price, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Exchange is probably one of the best things you can experience as a university student. Even if it’s for 4 weeks, I would highly recommend it to all students.

Who: Dylan Price                 
Bachelor of Business and International Studies
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
1/8/12 – 30/6/13

What was your orientation program like?
They have open days for both departments I was enrolled in while in Copenhagen. They also provided a mentor who provided advice and answered any questions.

How was the academic demands compared with Flinders?
Workload was different from Flinders as they have little, to no work during the semester and then 100% course mark exams. Readings consisted of 600 pages (or equivalent) for a normal course and are expected to be completed independently. They also offered oral exams, accompanied with a synopsis to complete the course.

What facilities were available to exchange students?
Resources included all modern facilities of a university (library, computers, staff council), with other amenities one would expect from an internationally catering university.

Did you live on or off campus and would you recommend the accommodation you chose?
Off-campus. Yes. The Danish Kollegium system is a wonderful place to meet people.

What were the major cultural differences you encountered?
Language differences, city lifestyle and cuisine were all major differences. Other than those, it was relatively similar (Western).

Did you find it easy to make friends with the local community?
Yes very. The Danes are very warm people and respond well to someone who is open and talkative. The best ways are to live around them, and join sporting clubs and the like.

Any difficulties while away?
No difficulties of note have been experienced, apart from, perhaps, returning home haha.

What was the most rewarding aspect of the program?
I would say making lifelong friends was the most rewarding. I have met people I will never forget. I have also matured a lot, personally and academically.

What was the highlight of your program?
The zenith of my program would be meeting Prince Joachim of Denmark at an ambassador meeting.

What tips would you give someone thinking of going on exchange?
I would suggest taking no presuppositions, preconceived notions or any sort of idea of what you will experience and just be as proactive as possible.

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