Life 17.5 Hours Ahead (Pt.1) – as told by a Vancouverite

My name is Karen and I’m from Canada. Back home at SFU, my major is communication with minors in interactive arts & technology and publishing. I’m part of the exchange program for one semester for my minor in interactive arts and will be graduating upon returning to Vancouver.

The International Students Services Unit (ISSU) at Flinders is a great resource well equipped with very accommodating staff members. They offer a lot of different activities prior to starting classes and during orientation week (O’Week) that you will already have met a great group of friends before school officially started!

And having applied to live on campus at Flinders Living is great. Not only is it convenient, but you are also surrounded by a great group of people. When you pass by people, it becomes natural to greet each other even though you might not know their name!

I had a fantastic welcome within 24hrs of arriving by my flatmates and the koala living in the tree beside my unit! It was definitely a great start to my semester and although winter is arriving, I can’t wait to see what else Adelaide has in store for me 🙂

Flinders courtyard (there’s usually beanbags during the day to sit!)
O’Week goodies
Meet my neighbour!
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