April in OZ

After month or so of waiting, my girlfriend Alexandra finally made it to Adelaide!  Being apart from loved ones has been the most difficult part of this trip, but with Alexandra here now, life in OZ has gone from good to great!

The first weekend, we hit up Glenelg beach for some sun and ice cream then just took a lazy Sunday afternoon in sweatpants to catch up on way too many TV shows and movies.  We got a good scare later that day when we thought we had a 6 foot snake lurking under our driveway.  Thankfully, our landlord confirmed it was just a blue tongued lizard… Nothing poisonous!

The following weekend, we went with friends of ours to check out the old German settlement Hahndorf.  Though it was rainy that day, the town was beautiful and the schnitzel was awesome.  With the weather getting cooler, we thought it appropriate to start thinking about a vacation!  There are so many great deals on Groupon, so we had no excuse to not book a trip.  We ended up booking a seven night stay in Ubud, Bali at an amazing resort in the hills for only $320 AUD for the both of us!  I cannot be any more excited for our vacation in June after first semester’s finals.


Last week, my roommates and I went on an ISSU trip to Adelaide Hills and Barrossa Valley for wine tastings and a tour of the countryside.  I like to think I can now call myself a seasoned sommelier… But a few more wine tours may be necessary.  Driving through the countryside down winding roads, over hills and through valleys, I’ve realised that Adelaide is such a beautiful region and I can’t be happier to call this place my home!


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