The Home Stretch

May has not been as action packed as previous months, but that isn’t to say that I haven’t been kept busy. The month kicked off with my roommate’s birthday! To help her celebrate, her sister and friend stopped by for a few days before they left to travel the east coast of Australia. This birthday turned into more of a birthday month with everyone deciding to be born in May, inevitably leading to lots of partying, adventures, and an AFL game at the new Adelaide Oval. Finding time to squeeze in assignments might actually have been harder than the writing of said assignments, but with some long days spent at the library they are finally finished and I can now start looking forward to final exams.












To take our minds off such a thought, some pals and I visited the Adelaide zoo where I saw a panda for the first time! It’s pretty crazy how fast time has gone by here, and I hate that I am doing this already, but I cant stop thinking about how much I’ll miss Adelaide, Flinders, and all my friends here when this adventure comes to an end. I suppose it’s just motivation to really enjoy and make the most of my remaining time here!

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