New start ! —-from Flinders

Hi everyone, I am KangQian, an exchange student from Peking University, in China. I arrived at Flinders Uni 2 weeks ago. Now I would like to share some of my experiences with you all.

Before I came here, I used the Flinders Uni webpage to book myself into the tours of Marion, Glenelg and the city.It‘s really very helpful for me to become familiar with this city. During the tour, I also made some good friends.


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On the first weekend, I went to Cleland Wildlife Park. There are over 130 species of native animals, from venomous snakes to kangaroos, koalas and a variety of birdlife. I fed a lot of kangaroos, they are very meek and adorable. I cannot believe people eat the meat of kangaroos!


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Besides parties and trips, there are also some study sessions during orientation week. I found the most interesting one involved discussing three cases during the law school’s orientation activity. It made me feel very excited! Being a part of this law school, and having the opportunity to be immersed in so many discussions, debates, and interesting legal topics will surely make for a great semester!

I’m looking forward for the upcoming life here!

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