April just flew by

April consisted of not only Easter break, but the two-week mid-semester break as well, with a couple classes here and there. While most students went off on adventures throughout Australia, Bali or New Zealand,, I took an 5-day intensive, credited, human skeleton class. It was not as exciting as travel, but I enjoyed it, was good and easy way to earn credit. Easter break was the highlight of the break for me. We were ten mainly international students, from Mexico, Indonesia, Canada, Germany, Austria, Japan, we decided to rent a couple cars and drive 5 hours to the Flinders Ranges. It was truly a great experience. We camped for 2-3 nights, went on a gruelling, but rewarding 6 hour hike to the top of a mountain, which had spectacular views on the land that has been sacred to Aboriginals for thousands of years. The next day we rented mountain bikes, one of the most challenging and exhausting days of my life. We saw some kangaroos and emus running around in the sunset, a truly Australian experience. In the evenings, we would gather and socialize around a campfire with a well-deserved beer. Great memories indeed! Other than that I’ve been keeping busy by playing beach volleyball a few times a week, it’s such a fun and great way to socialize and workout!




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