Mid-semester check-in

Hey! It’s been awhile since my last post. Over the last two months I have made some amazing friendships, finally started becoming accustomed to Aussie slang and believe it or not, driving on the wrong side of the road has finally started to feel right.

Within and around the city of Adelaide, I have discovered my favourite hangouts! Glenelg has proven to be my favourite beach spot around Adelaide, this has been an easy favourite so far as the atmosphere is perfect for a lunch out at one of the unique cafés or perfect if you want an adrenaline rush by jumping off the jetty located in the central part of the beach. Another favourite place is the Central Markets in Adelaide, a great place to find quality, bargain produce, delicious coffee and yummy treats.

My housemates are always keen for an adventure and I have been fortunate enough to join them on a few of their escapades. They brought me on an afternoon snorkelling trip out to Port Noarlunga, located about an hour away from Flinders Uni.


Over Easter, my housemates and a few other exchange students went to Flinders Ranges. We hiked through a pass that is millions of years old, camped in a town in the Flinders Ranges called Hawker and soaked up all of the beauty of the South Australian Outback!

flinders ranges

Over mid-semester break, I had the opportunity to travel the North Island of New Zealand! I think it’s safe to say, road-tripping New Zealand with the amazing group of people I went with has been a highlight of my semester abroad.


The last three months have been some of the best of my university career, and even though the weather is cooling and the end of the semester is drawing near, I’m excited to see what the rest of the semester has to bring!

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