The month that flew by

May was the one month I’ve had so far in Australia without plans to leave Adelaide. Since exams are coming up for everyone it was probably best that I spent more time at University Hall. But University Hall has had its upsides to making life and university still be exciting. Every semester they have two formal dinners, each with a theme. This term’s theme was “Red Carpet”. It’s a fun chance for everyone to take a Friday night off and just go spend time eating good food with other people in the Hall.

The Hall committee spent a few hours decorating the usual eating area with fake red carpets and cardboard cutouts of celebrities. There is fancier food, wine, beer, and an excellent dessert. We also had a magician come in and do different tricks for us, which was wonderful. His most impressive trick was the “Nail in a bag” which involved one girl from the audience being picked to come up and guess which paper bag to slam her hand down on. One of the paper bags had a nail in it, and the magician always arranged it so that the girl wouldn’t be hurt. It was a great night off to spend not doing homework.

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