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This past month or so has been quite the experience! I had the opportunity to try on a big part of Japanese culture and history, the dress Kimono. I was greeted by lovely women who helped put my hair up and then dressed me. The experience was eye opening and bizarre at the same time. I had no idea how much work went into composing such a look. The Geisha is famous and she must take at least 2 hours to get ready, based on my experience with this.  (At least in the beginning!) It was a lot of fun.
Also, I have had the opportunity to see Enoshima, a small island south east of Tokyo. It was magical. There are caves to see, the open sea, Mount Fuji in all his glory and of course, lots of fresh seafood. Japan never fails to amaze me.
Finally I am doing a presentation for ‘International Week : Australia’ next week and presenting the great opportunities available at Flinders Uni. Busy, busy, busy. Also, Tokyo is lit up with crazy illuminations all over the city for Christmas as the weather gets cooler. A few Christmas markets are popping up and everyone is really keen on cake. 😛  Have a happy and safe holiday everyone.

Bianca in kimono - fourth from right at the front row.
Bianca in kimono – fourth from right at the front row.
With friends at student dorm
With friends at student dorm









Bianca Ambroso, Bachelor of Languages student, Semester 2 2015  exchange at Chuo University, Japan

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