Goodbye W&J

Last week I said goodbye to everyone at W&J. It was really sad and difficult. What made it worse was that people left at different times and parts of the week, so we couldn’t even really have a big goodbye with everyone.
Packing was another challenge. I (like everyone else at W&J) left it until the last minute. This meant that there was no-one around who I could offload things to. I ended up binning a new hair dryer and a ton of other pretty good things because I couldn’t fit it all in my suitcase or give to anyone.

Since leaving the college and my friends I have travelled on my own to Philadelphia and am now in Washington D.C. Philadelphia was so nice but there isn’t a lot to do there and I am finding that DC is to small a city to stay in for the two weeks that I am here. I keep buying souvenirs for everyone back home and am getting worried that not everything will fit in my suitcase when I’m done.

Mikayla Ashleigh Aldridge, a Bachelor of Arts student, Semester 2 2015 exchange at the Washington & Jefferson College, United States

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