Airport Lounging

I sit and write this blog post from Vancouver airport in my lay off time in between flights and already the natural mountain scape is something to be in awe of. Looking out the window and seeing all the snow makes me instantly happy with my choice to come to the University of Calgary.

This whole time I’ve been trying to limit all expectations going into this exchange as I think there will be no use because whatever I expect I’m sure Calgary will produce something entirely different. But in saying that, there’s just no use and my thoughts are running wild at the moment with the endless possibilities for me over here from the places I’ll go to the people I’ll meet!

So after a long 6 months preparing for this exchange, it has all come to an abrupt finish and it’s time to start this adventure. I don’t think I’ve ever checked my emails more in my life and/or organised something so big for myself. Now I just get to sit back and enjoy myself (whilst studying of course).

Until next time!

Lochlan Price , a Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Business  (Management) student , Semester 1 2016 exchange at University of Calgary, Canada

Lochlan on his way to Calgary, Canada
Lochlan on his way to Calgary, Canada


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