New Colombo Plan Scholarship to Singapore, January 2016

This trip will be the first time I leave Australia on my own, and I am excited about the experiences I’m about to have. Studying overseas has always been an ambition of mine and I am really excited and honoured to have been given the opportunity. Singapore by all accounts is a fantastic place, full of nice people and amazing sites. I feel as though I’ve already got the month planned out to the day but I do want to take Singapore at my own pace and enjoy every second of my time there.

I expect to learn a great deal about myself and how I handle a more professional setting, I expect to make a lot of new friends and build bonds with those who may turn out to be colleagues of mine in the future. This trip is going to be something I’ll remember for a long time.

Liam Brownlie, Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Nanotechnology) student, participating in Using Plasma Technology Program-New Colombo Plan project, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2016 


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