Fiji New Colombo plan 2016 trip outbound

Hi there, I am a student from Flinders University and I am about to go on my first ever trip overseas to Fiji. During this tip, I will be looking at kin recognition behaviors within a the bee species Branusapis punangenis, which is an introduced species of bee to the Fiji islands. While in Suva Fiji, I will be collecting and looking at this bees behavioral interactions with other nestmates to look for any aggressive behaviors which might prove them to unrelated or behaviors which are non-aggressive possibly indicating kin- recognition.

Currently, as I have never been overseas before, I am a bit nervous and gathering more information as to what I need to take. All other members within my travel group have been very helpful and reassuring.

At the moment I am still nervous but excited, as I feel I am very lucky to have been selected  to go on this trip, as it will allow me to experience life in another country, and allow me to experience what it is like to conduct real field work and sample collection in my field of research being Animal behavior. From this trip I believe that I will gain valuable skills and experiences, and I cannot wait to go.

 Louise Mittiga, a Bachelor of Science student, is participating in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Across the Pacific in Fiji  in 2016

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