The Final Spurt

The lectures and tutorials are finished and only the exams are waiting for me. Before I left Austria in July 2016, my friends and family told me, how quick the time during my exchange semester will go by. And here I am now – two weeks before my student life in the amazing world down under ends. But the good thing is, that my real travel adventures can start.

I was thinking about my life here in Australia a lot, and I try to find the right answer to the question: “Are you looking forward going back home?“ Of course, I cannot wait to see family and friends again, tell them everything I experienced in those six month of exchange. However, somehow Adelaide became home to me now. I have my friends, I know the city – my life here is just reality and routine and I love my life here. It might sound strange but the thought about leaving simply freaks me out.

Now I want to leave the sad thought put away and write about positive things. Right now the campus is simply full of studying people, relaxing areas and the fresh smell of summer is in the air. The atmosphere slowly changes from stressful exam time to holiday mood – what an amazing feeling!

So, before I step on the plane back to Europe a lot of travelling is waiting for me. I will travel to Melbourne again via Great Ocean Road and then spend some adventurous two weeks in Tasmania with my parents. Finally, I will travel up the East Coast – from Sydney to Cairns. How can I not be excited about it?

Before I finish my last blog, I would like to thank you all the amazing people I have met in Australia, who made this time a lifetime experience, which I will still tell my grandchildren about.


Veronika Peinter, semester exchange at Flinders University from IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, Austria, Semester 2 2016

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