Preparing for a new experience in Canada

Preparing for my semester abroad has been a lengthy journey, but by far the most exciting. I have always loved travelling, and for as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of studying aboard. The University of Calgary in Canada was my chosen destination, as their Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies (CDRS) program is exemplary, and Canada is a country on the top of my bucket list. My semester will begin on January 2nd, but I decided to leave Adelaide a week earlier to spend New Years in Calgary, and settle in.

I chose to stay on campus, as the ‘campus culture’ appealed to me. At this point in time, I have already been assigned a room, and introduced to my room mate. The building I am staying in (Aurora Hall), is new, and has an underground tunnel system that connects to the Dining Centre and Residence Services. The weather in Calgary is on average -7°C (different to a ‘cold day’ in Australia). I have been warned to wear layers upon layers of clothing, and that ‘comfort is key’. The University of Calgary has world-class sporting facilities that can be used by all students, I am excited to try snow sports, and use the facilities.

I haven’t made plans for when I finish my semester in April, but I hope to travel. With only 31 days left, I couldn’t be more excited! Having the opportunity to learn at a different university, in another country, is an experience I look forward to.

Demi Martin, Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education, Semester 1 2017 exchange at University of Calgary, Canada

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