Finally Cope-ing

What an emotional roller coaster this last week has been. My classes are now over, and I am just finishing off my papers, due early January. The teaching style here feels so different to my classes in Adelaide. Small class sizes, and having the teachers put a lot of energy in making the classes ‘hygge’ (cosy), has shown me new ways of enjoying learning.

Saying my goodbyes has shown me how many incredible and interesting people I have met over the last four months. I was fortunate enough to go on a few more weekend trips with my class mates, start a Sunday brunch with the people I live with, and have now promised to start an international book club with my friends once we all return to our countries. I never thought I would meet people from so many different places, but now I have all the more reason to travel more (with the added bonus of free accommodation).

In the beginning I thought my exchange would be months of endless parties. Whilst there have been a few beers involved, I have been really surprised at how much I have personally grown. I don’t want to use the cliché that this ‘feeling is indescribable’, but what I have learned and how it has influenced me really can’t be put into words. Exposure to new things is so important, I cannot recommend going on exchange enough.

I am sad to leave but also excited to come home. Going to make the most of my final month in Copenhagen and travels around Europe. I am super lucky and thankful to have been able to experience this semester abroad.

Vi ses!!

Hannah Brimstone, a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)/Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice/Diploma in Language student, Semester 2 2016 exchange at University of Copenhagen, Denmark 

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