A Week in Hong Kong

We’ve been in Hong Kong for almost a week now, and I’m stuck in this strange place between feeling like we’ve just arrived and being convinced that I’ve always lived here. The first few days were a tad terrifying, but I soon found myself getting the hang of things. It’s become apparent to me that I am better at navigating in Hong Kong than Adelaide, something that, as a directionally changed being, I never thought I would say.

The first few days were filled with fitting as many tourist attractions in as possible. Beginning with the first night at The Peak, we set about visiting places such as The 10000 Buddhas, the Heritage Museum and both the Temple Street and Ladies night markets. Visiting so many places in so few days really helped me to grasp the train system and get my head around the places we would be frequenting once the Film Festival began.

Our days were made even busier as we were lucky enough to have lectures on Asian cinema, from HKIFF artistic director Lee Chuk To, former Hong Kong Film Archive curator Sam Ho and Andrew Tsui, manager of international and mainland relations for the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council. These talks were really interesting and helped give us an insight to the Hong Kong and Chinese film industries.

These first few days have been an incredible chance to immerse myself in Hong Kong life, and I can’t wait for the festival to begin.

Megan Oxenham, Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen) student participating in the “East Asian Film Industry Engagement Project” in April 2017


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