First Blog Post – Winter is Coming

The exchange has not begun yet but the excitement definitely has. I leave in less than 23 days and I feel like I’m still not prepared enough (even though I’ve been preparing for almost a year now). I’m so excited to start this adventure of a lifetime and I know it’s going to be a time in my life I’ll never forget. I’ve gotten advice from so many different people that have been to Utrecht or other exchange destinations. I’ve also spoken to a friend who is from Utrecht (and did exchange in Adelaide) who has told me all about the beautiful sites in Netherlands. I expect to meet lots of people throughout the duration of the trip and I believe I will get a new understanding of the different cultures and traditions. I’m unsure how well I will go going from one winter to another and then getting back here just in time for the end of summer, but I’m excited to push myself and hopefully even see snow (perfect time to break out into ‘Let it go’.)

Being from Whyalla, I have already made a big solo move once in my life and I believe this is my next exciting (and bigger) adventure.

For a few years now I’ve always said when I was finished university I would travel for a year overseas so when I found out I could do it even sooner I was very excited. The way I found out about exchange was when I was at O’Week in my first year; I was approached by someone who told me about Learn Without Borders and studying overseas. It sounded too good to be true so I never attended the meeting that day. However, a little while later I ran into a friend from my hometown who told me how she was doing a semester abroad in Canada in a few months, which re-sparked my interest to investigate further.

I am eager for the time to finally be here and will write another blog post a few months in.

Bye for now.

Dayna Clifton, Bachelor of International Tourism student, Semester 2 2017 exchange at Utrecht University, the Netherlands

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