Thailand International Placement

As I write this blog, I have just finished packing for a three-week international placement in Thailand with a team of 11 other speech pathology students from Flinders.

Despite the comprehensive itinerary and resources in our cases, I still can’t truly imagine what the placement will be like. The disability centre I have been allocated to offers a range of services, including equestrian therapy and gardening. I am relieved that time has been allocated early in our schedule for us to observe and learn about the centre before we conduct sessions. I have never been to Thailand and I am curious about the customs, culture and health care. I am also keen to leave Adelaide’s wild and wooly weather behind for a hot climate!

As I packed the last few bits and pieces, a few words from a 10 week Thai language course were floating through my mind. I was thinking about the words for thai food, the rainforest and asking for directions. I was probably thinking it wrong…there are five different tones in the Thai language!

Nevertheless, tomorrow morning all twelve of us will be at Adelaide airport at 6am sharp, ready to be in a different part of the world.

Kate Neville, Bachelor of Speech Pathology student, participated in the Speech Pathology placement in Thailand in September 2017



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