I am so lucky to have arrived in Adelaide when it’s almost March because this time of the year is the time for festivals and fun! Every single day feels like a new adventure for me.

Following the lead of the Flinders Living team, I went to The Garden Of Unearthly Delights to participate in The Fringe Festival three days after my arrival in Adelaide. It is one of the biggest festivals that happens annually and lasts for a month, it covers the whole of Adelaide, but the garden is the main venue where everything happens: food stalls, vintage shops, mirror maze, comedian shows, concerts, rides, exhibitions… You name it and you will find it there! The decoration is HUGE and SPECTACULAR! I was so excited I did a cartwheel right after I passed through the entrance (oh and there is no entrance fee!). I went back a few times before it ended and have watched some amazing and entertaining shows. The atmosphere was so festive and joyful that thinking of these memories still cheers me up.

Besides The Fringe Festival, WOMADelaide Festival and Adelaide Festival also happen in March. A lot of great shows and talks were held. As a passionate lover of performing arts, I am so excited to know that even after the festivals a lot of great theatre productions keep happening. One of my favourites is Aladdin the Musical live in Adelaide Festival Centere! It was magical! Not only do things happen in the city, but Flinders campus also holds amazing music festivals and concerts! In orientation week my friends and I have definitely enjoyed the wonderful O’Fiesta, a music festival held right outside the hub!

I have been doing street dance for two years before I came and I really hope to keep learning and practising while I am here. I was quite worried because unlike big city Sydney where the street dance community is known to be quite developed and lively, I was not sure how it is in Adelaide. I am so thankful to have found dance studios that provide a variety of classes. I even participated in a dance battle for the first time in my life! The dance community here is very encouraging and friendly, which makes me feel safe to step out of my comfort zone and try! I am so happy to have met all these awesome Adelaide dancers!

Growing up in a busy city, I seldom feel connected to the land. In terms of my experience in Australian exhibition visits, having been to Yorke Peninsula’s local surf-art-studio and Sydney’s contemporary art museum, I am so impressed to see how Australian artists express their love for mother nature and their respect for the land through their artworks. These are recurring themes in their art pieces.

The whole exchange experience has been a dream-come-true so far. I am so ready for more adventures to come!

Michelle Lam, University of Hong Kong, undertook an exchange at Flinders University during S1, 2019









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