Time to Meet Maastricht!

I am very excited about arriving in Maastricht in a couple of days! It all finally seems real! I’m keen to explore my new home for 6 months, set up my room, have the independence to cook, clean and take care of myself and start uni. I am also very excited to see how different the topics are in the Netherlands and I am keen to try Problem Based Learning. The thing I am most excited about, however, is the chance to connect with people from all over the world.

A number of weeks ago, Maastricht University created a Facebook page for all incoming psychology exchange students and I have already made some friends online. There are also many events that are occurring in the lead up to uni starting such as INKOM which is a large festival for all Maastricht University students. The international student network (ISN) in Maastricht is also a great student body that organises many events both in arrival week and during the semester including short trips away to other places in the Netherlands and overseas, so check them out if you are coming to Maastricht!

I am also very excited to immerse myself in the Dutch lifestyle and learn all about the history of Maastricht. I can’t wait to experience the brown brick buildings and narrow cobblestone streets. I love how Maastricht is so brilliantly located and I have even heard that you can ride your bike from Maastricht to the very outskirts of Belgium!

Although excited, I am also a little nervous about some of the challenges that may await me. This new sense of independence sounds thrilling but I also feel slightly afraid of it as I haven’t really lived by myself before. Even navigating in a new place and biking sounds a little terrifying but I’m sure that overcoming these and the many other challenges are what will make this experience so worthwhile. So, let’s jump in and see what happens!

Eli Kolovos, Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) is undertaking an exchange to Maastricht University, Netherlands during S2, 2019

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