Calgary Exchange – My First Month and My First Snow!

Sam hiking in Canada


So I arrived to a rainy and overcast day in Calgary on August 31st after spending a week in Vancouver – which was a pretty awesome experience, I would absolutely recommend! I have now been here in Calgary for just over a month, and I can’t believe how fast it has flown by!

It took a little while for me to adjust and settle in, but I am now loving my experience here. I was super excited for move in day and to finally meet my roommates, so it was pretty disappointing to find out that both were no longer coming. This led to a tough couple of first days where I didn’t really know anyone, but that all changed pretty quick after orientation where I got placed in a group with other people studying COMS and FILM topics at the University, like me.

The first weekend after move in residence also hosted a RezRodeo event, which consisted of the different floors of buildings battling it out in a series of games/challenges. It was pretty corny, but super fun and it was great to meet more people in the building. I am now having to work at making sure I keep my study-social life balanced properly, there is just so much to see and do!

I am trying to do at least one exploratory trip/activity every weekend. Last week I got to go to Banff on a trip organised by the Global Friendship group here for international students. It was snowing (I finally got to see snow for the first time!!!), sadly it was really hard to see views of the mountains; which are breathtaking, but we took the Gondola up to the top of Sulphur Mountain and were greeted with a total winter wonderland! It was incredible, and I loved every minute. I have also done a couple of guided hikes, which are run by the Uni’s outdoor centre, which have been a great way to see the Rockies and the beautiful Fall colours as the trees lose their leaves.

My actual courses I have found to be pretty different but also kind of similar to Flinders at the same time. I have two mid-terms, which is a totally new concept, and three final exams which I am pretty nervous about. I have never really had exams for humanities topics before, so I’m a little unsure as what to expect. I’m hoping it will go okay though. I also have a lot of weekly tasks I have to do for my topics that involve making posts regarding class content on discussion boards, which is pretty different, but I’m managing so keep up with it, so far anyways!

Next weekend I am going on another international students trip to Drumheller, where they have a massive dinosaur museum and a couple of nice walking trails. I hope the weather turns out OK for the trip, it’s supposed to get to -13 here during the week. Although, I have to be honest, I am absolutely loving the snow and can’t wait until we get some more! We had around 30cm over the last weekend, and its only just really finished melting.

Life is keeping me pretty busy, so until next time!

Samantha Whillas, Bachelor of Arts (High Achievers) undertook an exchange to Calgary in S2 2019

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campus in the fall
campus in the fall
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Lake Louise
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