A Scottish Adventure!


It feels like such a long time ago since I left home on July 20th. Since then I’ve had an amazing time in England, seen incredible landscapes on a Scottish Highland tour and now I’m immersed in uni work at Stirling University.

My first few weeks at Stirling have been a whirlwind. Moving in day was so busy as I had to haul all my luggage up with me on the train from Edinburgh. However, once I was settled in my flat. I found myself going back and forth to the supermarket and other stores on campus, buying much needed essentials to get me through my first few days. I live in a flat with 9 other exchange students and it has been great getting to know them all and where they are from and its comforting to know we’re all in the same boat. Classes are pretty much the same as Flinders, except that they are a bit stricter on making sure you do the readings for class, so I’m trying to organise my time a lot better.

Despite the strictness with readings, I am enjoying my topics and learning new things each week. The clubs and societies on campus are well established and I’m looking at joining The Brig which is the campus newspaper. I also want to join the International Society, as they do different activities and sightseeing for international students.

Since I’ve been at the university, I have gone to Glasgow and visited Scone Palace just outside Perth. My day out in Glasgow was full of exploration and I went with a group of Spanish students, some of whom are my flat mates. Personal highlight in Glasgow was visiting the university, because the architecture reminded me of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter films. An afternoon at Scone Palace was so much fun! I went with a close friend from Germany and we were struck at just how beautiful and serene the place was. Although we weren’t allowed to take photos inside the palace, we got to see the famous painting of Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay and her cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray which inspired the 2013 film, Belle.

My next adventure will be Edinburgh and going up to the Orkney Islands. I can’t wait to explore what these places have to offer. I feel so privileged to be having this experience and  that I get to do it in a stunning setting with lots of great people.

Until next time,

Michelle Monaghan, student of Bachelor of International Relations/Bachelor of Arts undertook a semester exchange at University of Stirling United Kingdom in S2 2019

University of Stirling
The Kelpies
Portree Harbour
View of the Highlands
Scone Palace






The University of Glasgow
Cloister Hall in the University of Glasgow
The Hidden Valley in Glencoe
Rainbow in the Isle of Skye
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