More solar for a brighter future

We’re achieving great results on campus with our roof top solar panels and the introduction of our solar array in car park 3. Approximately 1.5 gigawatts of clean energy has been produced on campus. As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we’re adding to our clean, renewable on-site energy generation and investing in more rooftop solar across a number of buildings including:

North Ridge

  • Drama Centre
  • South Lecture Theatre (1&2)
  • Sports Centre


  • Sturt East
  • Sturt South
  • Sturt West

Solar panels on these six buildings are expected to add approximately 320kW to our clean energy production, help to reduce our energy bill and help to balance the power supply to the campus during extreme summer temperatures.

This project is part of our broader sustainability activities and will help us on our pathway to become a carbon positive university – taking more carbon out of the atmosphere than we produce.

Installation details

We anticipate installation of the solar panels to start on 23 September 2019, with the major works complete by the end of November 2019.

We’ll work hard to minimise impacts on building occupants but please be aware of the following:


Disruption to building access is likely to be minimal as most of the works occur on the roof itself.  However, certain car parks and loading bays will be used as the works progress. Where any works require access into spaces on the level below, we’ll work with those affected to determine the best time for this to occur.


There will be some construction noise when the rails and solar panels are fixed to the roof sheeting and we’ll work to minimise any disruptions.

Power outages

We will need to shut down power to certain areas during the installation of the solar panels. Where possible we will try to limit these shut downs to outside business hours.

Thanks for your ongoing understanding as we work to further our sustainability efforts for a brighter future.


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