Students’ top seven tips to reduce stress


Through Ping! we asked students “what are your tips to help other students relieve stress?” Below are the top seven tips received. If you have any other tips, let us know by commenting on this page.

Feeling tired and stressed? Go outside for a walk or do some exercise! Physical activity is a fantastic way to make you feel relaxed. Don’t forget, Flinders One Sport and Fitness offer various fitness facilities and classes on campus, for you to choose from. More information can be found on their website here.

Talk to friends and family
We are not alone, and support from friends and family members is important. So, if you are facing problems or some issues you don’t know how to deal with, talk to your close friends and family – they will be able to help you through.

If you would like to chat to a professional counsellor, Flinders also offers a free, confidential counselling service. For more information visit the Flinders Counselling webpage.

Split tasks into smaller tasks and write a to-do list
University life is full of assignments, essays, placements and exams. But how do you organise them well? Students have told us a clear, scheduled to-do list is necessary. The list will help you prioritise what should be done immediately and what can be put off for a little while. When you finish one task, just tick it off the list – it can be very satisfying!

Listen to music
Music can make you feel happy and help you relax. Download your favourite songs and enjoy them to help reduce stress.

Meditation & yoga
Students have told us they find meditation and yoga a great way to relax and de-stress. Want to find a quiet place to focus on your mind for relaxation or spiritual purposes? Want to do some Yoga? Head to the Oasis Community and Wellbeing Centre! Oasis includes a lounge space, common space, prayer room, quiet spaces, and more. Oasis also offer a wide range of wellbeing-focused programs and events including a frequent meditation and yoga schedule. Want to know more? Visit the Oasis website here.

Regular sleep is important to make you feel energised and able to handle stress – don’t ignore the importance of sleep! Ensuring you get a good sleep can help lower your stress levels.

Do some hobbies
What are the things that you are interested in and good at? Painting?  Lego? Cooking? Hobbies can help reduce your stress. So why not take some time out to do what you enjoy.

Apart from the top seven tips mentioned above, playing an instrument, eating some delicious food, and drinking coffee were also recommended by students to reduce stress.

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