Cultural adjustment tips for international students

One of the first things you will need to think about while studying in Australia is adapting to a new culture. You would have noticed cultural differences both in your studies at the University and the lifestyle. Develop a global outlook and learn to appreciate other cultures. These quick tips will help you adjust quickly to the cultural differences while studying here.

  1. Keep an open mind, be positive

Have a basic knowledge of Australian customs, traditions, and etiquette. Stay positive, respect and enjoy the differences in the host culture.

  1. Be observant, be curious and ask questions

Confucius said,” I see and I remember, I do and I understand ”. Observe the verbal and non-verbal style of communication and put into practice the style of interaction and communication of the local culture. Be interested and ask questions about the local culture.

  1. Travel and explore

Get out of your comfort zone and travel around to local markets, eateries, community events, local sports. Explore the neighbourhood and interact with the locals and immerse in the culture. Check out GlamAdelaide

  1. Participate in physical activities

Join clubs and student associations in whichever activities that interests you, in your University or local community. It will keep you engaged and motivated. It will acclimatise you to your new environment.

  1. Seek support from other International Students

Talking and discussing your issues related to cultural differences and adjustments with other International Students will lighten, resolve and overcome some of the challenges of culture shock.

  1. Stay connected

Connect to your family and friends to keep them in the loop. Keeping in touch with home, especially in the initial phase of your adjustment, will make things easier for you to adapt. However, do not spend too much time checking on social media on what is happening to your friends back home as it will slow down your cultural adjustment


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