12 clips to entertain/distract you

Have you watched all of the internet? Are you endlessly scrolling to the end of streaming websites and then giving up? We thought we’d put together a range of different clips for staff and students. Hopefully you fall down a new youtube rabbit-hole or maybe you just need to see Lizzo play the flute (you do) or watch an hour of 6 second vine clips. You know, to keep healthy. Also there’s a yoga one if you’re into that (there’s a dog in it!) .

1. Lizzo: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert 

Part of a series of intimate video performances recorded live by NPR. My favourite is Lizzo’s. Lizzo and that brand-new band preside over three songs from “Cuz I Love You”, “Truth Hurts” and the literal and figurative show-stopper, “Juice,” which gives her the opportunity to pick up the flute which is arguably the best part.


2.     Katering Show- THERMOMIX

An oldie but a goodie, McCartney and McLennan pit the latest kitchen appliance moneysuck, the Thermomix, against traditional cooking methods, in a food intolerant-friendly “Risotto-Off”. But what method will create the most delicious risotto? And is “delicious risotto” a contradiction in terms?

3.     Attenborough: Saying Boo to a Sloth! | BBC Earth

Look, the real important part of this video is between 13 and 15 seconds. But you should watch it for hours. What’s more calming than the voice of David Attenborough and the sight of sloths?  I’m certain you’ll learn a little bit more about sloths yet come away wondering a little more about them. Side note: have we been pronouncing sloth wrong this whole time?

4.     Debussy “Clair de Lune” on Piano for 80 Year Old Elephant

Watch Ampan, an 80 year old elephant living in Thailand. She is blind in one eye and can barely see with the other. Pianist Paul Barton treats her to the classic ‘Clair De Lune’ in the comfort of her own home.

5.     Sacha Baron Cohen Relives Times He Went Too Far | The Jonathan Ross Show

Sacha Baron Cohen going too far? Never? You may know him as Borat or Ali G but actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen appears as himself and reflects on some of his work and creations on the Jonathon Ross Show.

6.     Waking up as a meme-hero | Andras Arato | TEDxKyiv

Everyone has their 15 minutes of fame, but what would it be like to wake up and realise you’re a meme and how do you become a meme? Andras Arato is a 73-year old Hungarian electrical engineer, DJ at the local radio, stock photography model. Andras tells a story of how he became a world known meme “Hide The Pain Harold”. Click here to watch his talk.

7.    Key & Peele – Turbulence 

This is a great skit but it isn’t on Youtube but it is accessable via facebook. Key & Peele have a sketch show series – you can watch lots of great playlists on youtube. They’ve won a ton of awards, just click and laugh, it’s really easy

8.      Florida Man Runs to Bermuda in a Giant Bubble 

An interesting story about chasing your dreams, no matter what they are. In 2016 a man from Florida attempted to run from Florida to Bermuda in a home-made inflatable bubble. However, Reza has been stopped by the coast guard and has been warned if he continues it will result in legal and financial retribution.

9.     Total Body Yoga – Deep Stretch | Yoga With Adriene

By now you will be deep into a few hours of YouTube. It’s time for a stretch. There’s so many guided yoga videos on the internet for every fitness level. A great way to stretch, build strength and practice mindfulness. Very important while being stuck indoors.

10.  Best Vines Compilations 

Vine was for sure one of the strangest and most creative corners of the internet until it unplugged in 2016. Now you can lose hours of your life watching compilations! Don’t like one vine? wait 6 seconds and you’ve got something completely different.

11. Match the Dog to Their Owner | Lineup | Cut

Cut has a bunch of great segments the “Match the” series is fun cause you can play along. Maybe you want to guess everyone’s language or, in this instance, you can match the dog to the owner and finally confirm how intuitive you are.

12.  Inside Neil Patrick Harris’s Captivating Brownstone Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Welcome to Neil Patrick Harris’s House. I’m sure you’ve always wondered what it looks like. From Manhattan Neil and partner David take you on a tour sharing their sense of style and the stories behind their eclectic possessions.

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