Recovering resources to Keep Australia Beautiful

Did you know tea bags and tissues are welcome in green organics bins at Flinders University? This week is KESAB’s Keep Australia Beautiful Week with the theme: Litter: Prevent the Spread, and we’re doing our bit all year long with our new recycling stations collecting your recycling, organics and general waste.

The bins, with their nifty signage clearly illustrating what goes where, were introduced earlier this year in outdoor areas and food outlets. The initiative includes an expanded organics stream to transform food scraps, compostable materials, paper towels and tea bags into garden mulch. It’s all part of the University’s Sustainability Plan – Bold Ideas, Brighter Future, which includes creating a circular economy for waste on campus and growing more food at our University.

When in doubt of which bin to use, please use the red bin to avoid contaminating the recycling and organics streams.

The outdoor recycling stations are positioned around the high traffic areas at Bedford Park, with new recycling stations to be installed in buildings later this year, giving everyone a wider variety of options to recycle their materials.

Off campus, the unusual events of this year and changed behaviours have seen high demand for items like single-use food and beverage containers. So, this week KESAB is encouraging everyone to consider how to manage during the pandemic without costing our planet. This includes how to reduce and re-use single-use consumables from takeaway products – keep an eye on their Facebook page for tips or to get involved.

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