Deirdre Jordan Village and University Hall Photography Competition Winners

Congratulations to Vanessa Jolly Gardens, Tess Teo, Madeleine Trinh, Jessica Rowe, Cooper Lawson, Sarah Gaylard, Amelia Fitzpartrick and Leah Sharp on their winning entries for the Deirdre Jordan Village and University Hall Photography Competition.

The competition had four categories: Mental Health, Community Life, Nature and Portraiture with winners receiving a $100 prize for best photo in each category. This year’s competition had a focus on health promotion; what helps residents mental health, community engagement and getting in touch with their creative side.

The competition received over 80 submissions and was judged by Graeme Modistach current President of the Flinders University Photography Club and Chad Han, ex-president of the University Photography Club. Both judges are current residents and judged all submissions based on the photos and descriptions.

To view previous submissions from last photography competition held in 2003, check out the Community Centre in the Village.

Time to Reflect

By Vanessa Jolly Gardens  
I don’t think any photo could do Lake Gunn justice! New Zealand’s South Island boasts this breathtakingly beautiful scenery. I was utterly captivated by the untouched natural grandeur of this landscape. The immaculate reflection of the mountains in the still water left me awestruck. This is the definition of tranquillity. Nature is truly a work of art!

Mental Health     

By Jessica Rowe
This image shows a visual articulation of the isolation one can experience when going through mental health struggles. Although surrounded by people, sometimes you can still feel alone. The picture portrays this by positioning the models close by each other but facing in opposite directions, surrounded by orange-toned rock, which often connotes remoteness and desolation.



By Madeleine Trinh
Shyly, my father stares into the camera. He was never one for photos. Sitting beside him, serenely, is my mother. Instead of the camera, she gazes gently towards an unseen world.

This image is a rare photo of my parents together. I’ve always loved how the beautiful teal background contrasted with the beige of my mother’s jumper. I shot this photo as my parents went about renovating my childhood home. Like the building, my parents too have slightly changed over the years; nevertheless, some things always remain the same.

Belonging Together    

By Tess Teo
This photo was taken along the path near the Village’s carpark. Often, I chance upon residents who live nearby the Village taking a stroll along these designated pedestrian paths and into walking trails on campus. These common shared areas around the residential community space brings people of similar interests in nature together, with a simple smile or a conversation about their adorable dogs

Aussie Band Tees
By Leah Sharp

Three friends united by Aussie music, supporting each other during COVID times and surrounding each other with love when the going gets tough.

By Cooper Lawson
Personally, this photo represents a beauty for me that most forget, one that captures the fast pace of the world we live in. Many people forget to stop and look at what occurs around them, and I was lucky enough to be in the right place, at the right time, and capture this group of cockatoos last year.


SAAUCC Football   

By Sarah Gaylard
This photo was taken at SAAUCC Football, where as a college family we came together to play, have fun, and support each other. In this photo the girls’ team are in a huddle, representing teamwork and community.


Been a while    

By Amelia Fitzpatrick
This image is of my best friend, taken on a disposable film camera where half of the photos didn’t turn out the best, but this beautiful image did. After six months of being a part we finally saw each other but only for three days. This photo was taken on the last night the last photo taken of the trip, what a beauty it turned out to be. To me this photo perfectly captures her essence, the film camera around her neck, the large probably a bit to big crystal hanging on her chest, and the slight smile.

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