New support for students policy

Last year as an early outcome of the Australian Universities Accord the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA) was amended to include requirements for all Universities to have a ‘Support for Students Policy’ in place by the start of 2024.

As a key part of these amendments the Low Completion Rate requirement for students struggling academically has been removed and is replaced with a newly compiled Support for Students Policy which brings together our high level principles and frameworks that ensure student supports are available, visible and accessible and to ensure students are given the best possible opportunity to succeed.

A new working group with staff from across the University has been established to lead a program of activity designed to ensure that we are supporting students academic and personal success in ways that are accessible and fit for purpose.
Throughout the year we will be:

  • promoting the extensive range of support services available
  • providing guidance on how to access the services to help you successfully complete your course
  • seeking student feedback to continuously improve the support services and programs

We’ll be reaching out for student volunteers to assist the working group throughout the year. Student participation will help us ensure the support services are equitable and relevant for student success.

For more information on the support services and programs at Flinders go to our Student Support and Services Directory.

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