Flinders Wifi: Eduroam upgrade

The Information and Digital Services (IDS) will be updating the Flinders WiFi network Eduroam.

The planned update will enhance the networks performance and security.

When will this occur?

Thursday, 9 May 2024 from 7:00am to 7:30am

What do you need to do after the update? 

The next time you connect to the Flinders WiFi (eduroam), you may encounter a prompt to accept a new digital certificate on each of the devices you use. Before you accept the certificate, please ensure that the expiry date is in the future (+12 months) and key information contains: 

  • Organisation: Flinders University 
  • Locality: Bedford Park 
  • Common Name: auth.flinders.edu.au 

If the certificate presented does not contain the correct details, do not accept, and call the IDS Service Desk on 8201 2345 for assistance. 

For additional instructions, please copy and paste this link into your internet browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc.) – staff.flinders.edu.au/workplace-support/digital-services/network-access. 

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this upgrade, please contact the IDS Service Desk on 8201 2345. 

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