Social Transformation Lecture – Service Chaos Amplifies Family Chaos

How do we build more integrated services for vulnerable families?

Every year South Australia welcomes about 20,000 newborn children into the world and around 3,700 of these children are in and out of home care, experiencing prolonged stress, neglect and trauma, and need service responses from multiple agencies and professions.

In this public lecture, CEO of Relationships Australia Dr Claire Ralfs explores how family services may be professionally organised and clinically coherent, but vulnerable families still find family services chaotic, confusing, unresponsive and not integrated. Dr Ralfs presents on the need to identify and remove road blocks to improve collaboration between services. She discusses how more holistic and standardised screening processes need to map strengths and vulnerabilities. Examples of restorative practices introduced in the UK are explored, including how ‘high challenge – high support’ strategies can shape services in the future.

She is joined by a panel of leaders from the sector to discuss ways to build a more integrated family service system in South Australia including Ms Ann-Marie Hayes, Executive Director, Early Years and Child Development at the Department of Human Services, Mr Craig Rigney, Chief Executive Officer, KWY and Ms Cathy Taylor, Chief Executive of the Department for Child Protection.

Through its education and research programs, Flinders University encourages new ways of thinking, and supports experimentation and daring, with the mission to contribute on an international scale through ‘changing lives and changing the world’. So we invite you to share and collaborate with us on our SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION journey. We will impart our knowledge and new discoveries, elevate discussion and inspire debate; all with the view to facilitate the betterment of our society.

Service Chaos Amplifies Family Chaos public lecture : hosted by Professor Sarah Wendt, Director of the SWIRLS research centre at Flinders University. : Tuesday 30 July 2019

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