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Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Stirling spoke on ABC radio on May 5, commenting on the outstanding role of South Australians in containing the COVID-19 virus and the University’s hopes for a measured return to classes soon, as restrictions start to ease.

Professor Stirling explained how Flinders is continuing important activities such as research and administration, despite many staff and students working from home. He said the University will ensure students are able to catch up on laboratory work and other practical requirements of their topics through careful re-scheduling of timetables as needed, ahead of return to campus.

The notion of the “flipped classroom” was raised, and how the current situation could advance changes to traditional learning, including a move towards accessing information online prior to lectures then spending class time applying that information.

And the VC pointed out that while COVID-19 is having a substantial impact on the University’s budget, the media focus on international students needs to move beyond their financial contribution to also place value on their important role as ambassadors for the University and the state.

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