From the Vice-Chancellor: Generosity alive and well at Flinders

The spirit of generosity is alive and well at Flinders University, as demonstrated by a recent encouraging act of selflessness by one of our international students.

Having lost her job during the pandemic, Fei was offered an emergency grant as part of the University’s hardship support scheme. But when she was lucky enough to find work again, Fei wrote to tell us that she wanted to repay the grant so that it would go to someone in greater need.

Sebastian Raneskold and I had afternoon tea with Fei, and she explained that what she’d done ‘was not exceptional, simply the right thing to do’.

Fei is in her final semester studying for her Masters of Social Work and she was full of praise for the staff who have ensured that her placement could continue even through the recent lockdown.

At a time when so many of our international students have been experiencing severe financial stress we have worked hard to ease some of that burden through the introduction of our $12.5m student hardship scheme.

We’ve already assisted thousands of students in need and, with Fei’s generosity, we’ve been able to reach out to one more.

Many of you have very generously joined me in supporting our student hardship campaign. If you would care to join us by giving what you can then please do so by visiting


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