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It’s the winter break (hurrah!) so you probably aren’t thinking too much about time management just yet. But, the new semester will be here before we know it, and then it’ll be time to get on top of things again!

Make sure you check out my blog posts on Time Management: Getting Organised, and Procrastination if you need some pointers for getting started. I also want to share some excellent resources I’ve been looking into to help you get started on the right foot next semester!


Procrastination Resources

Health and Wellbeing Blog

Firstly, if you want to read more about how to overcome procrastination, I recommend checking out Dr Gareth Furber’s Health and Wellbeing Blog. He has an entire series dedicated to procrastination, a workbook, Put Off Procrastinating, plus lots of tips about time management and how to look after your health and wellbeing while you study.

Check out Dr Garth Furber’s Health and Wellbeing blog!


Wait But Why

I also love these easy to read blogs by Wait But Why, ‘Why Procrastinators Procrastinate’, and ‘How to Beat Procrastination‘. They’re filled with excellent cartoons and are written in a way that’s super relatable and understandable.

Tim Urban, 2013


Tim Urban also has a TED Talk about Procrastinating, so give that a watch!


The Pause

If you want some strategies, Heath, the Yunggorendi counsellor, got me onto this great source from the pause, ‘Procrastination a Problem? Learn a New Strategy for Beating It’. It’s similar to the Pomodoro Method, which I wrote about in my Procrastination post, but this one gets you to work in 45 minute chunks, and use mindfulness to help you focus.


Time Management Resources

The Learning Scientists

The Learning Scientists also have some excellent resources about time management and effective study methods and making the best use of your blocked study time, such as Spaced Practice. Spaced Practice is all about getting the best results in your tests and exams by blocking out your study over time, rather than relying on cramming. But you don’t just have to use this method for exams, it’s also super useful for getting any kind of academic work done!


Have you heard of Ted talks? Well the Ted team also do educational videos, and have heaps of evidence based content about all kinds of study skills. Here’s a video about how to learn from machines about how to manage your time more effectively!




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