Free Workshop – AI at Work: Tackling the work, health and safety ethics of artificial intelligence


Please join us for a 1 hour workshop jointly presented by the SA Centre for Economic Studies and the Australian Institute for Machine Learning of the University of Adelaide, and the Australian Industrial Transformation Institute, Flinders University, and supported by the NSW Centre for Work Health and Safety.

This workshop will explore the challenge of designing for ethical Artificial Intelligence in the workplace. It will identify potential ethical risks arising and discuss how such risks could best be managed. We will work with the CSIRO Data 61 Ethics Principles and a simple AI workflow tool, the “AI Canvas” developed by Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans, and Avi Goldfarb in their 2018 book on AI, Prediction Machines.


Dr Zygmunt Szpak, Australian Institute for Machine Learning, University of Adelaide
Dr Catherine Howell, University of Adelaide
Dr Genevieve Knight, SA Centre for Economic Studies, University of Adelaide
Dr Andreas Cebulla, Australian Industrial Transformation Institute, Flinders University

Livestream start times:

Tuesday, 25th August 2020
SA/NT: 5.00pm
WA: 3.30pm
RSVP Tuesday, 25th August:

Thursday, 27th August 2020
SA/NT: 12.30pm
WA: 11.00am
RSVP Thursday, 27th August:

More details here.

We look forward to (virtually) seeing you then!

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