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Diana-Elena Vornicu

Diana-Elena Vornicu

Bachelor of Arts and Science

Travelling to another country to study can be daunting, but Romanian Diana-Elena Vornicu found that the strong international focus and study program at Flinders University provided her with valuable assistance.

“I looked at many universities throughout Australia before applying, and Flinders University was very appealing due to its flexible three-year double major program and support for international students,” says Diana. “I am originally from Romania, but grew up attending an international school in Thailand, so I think my intercultural competence helped me interact with everyone I met at Flinders. I also liked the practical elements, such as having a GP clinic and doctors on campus, close to the dorm where I was living.”

While studying, Diana earned Silver and Gold Awards through the Flinders Horizon Award program, which helped her make industry connections and prepare for a professional environment through attending career workshops.

It inspired her to excel – and even push to extreme levels. In the first semester of her final year, Diana enrolled in five topics and was determined to complete them with high marks. “Let’s just say I underestimated the workload and the amount of stress it would cause me,” she says smiling. “This seems funny now, but at one point I was fearful of getting sick because I didn’t have a single day to spare since the due dates overlapped and timetables clashed, like in my worst nightmares.”

Yet even when she was faced with these challenges, Diana found assistance and a safe environment at Flinders when she needed it most. “My professors and friends were very helpful and ultimately I learned to manage a busy schedule, how to deal with stress, and to be kinder to myself when I am under a lot of pressure.”

Having volunteered at Flinders Molecular Ecology Laboratory during her third year of studies, Diana obtained work there as a Research Assistant after graduating. “I’m fortunate to be working alongside brilliant researchers and students. I really look forward to learning more, and without my Flinders degree, this would not have happened.”

Find out more on the Horizon Professional Development Award Program that helped Diana prepare for a professional environment.

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