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Rosette Zerella

Rosette Zerella

Bachelor of Education (Middle and Secondary Schooling) and Bachelor of Health Sciences

Shifting her study focus from paramedic science to sports science proved an ideal fit for Rosette Zerella – especially as she simultaneously pursued elite sports activity while studying.

Flinders University helped Rosette make this transition, offering her support through its Elite Athletes Program, which provided the flexibility for her to meet assignment deadlines and obtain additional study support when she had sporting commitments interstate and overseas.

“In 2018, I had an AFL training camp in Croatia, right in the middle of semester when my workload and deadlines were all of a high priority,” she says. “Online study support helped me stay on top of my workload the whole time I was training abroad.”

A serious sports injury introduced further complications to Rosette’s study life.  Surgery for a knee reconstruction impacted her ability to attend University for lectures and maintain her study schedule, but she says the support she received from tutors and topic coordinators enabled her to keep achieving strong results in her subjects. “I was able to continue studying online, and lecturers made sure I didn’t miss out of important class content.”

Since completing a Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Education in 2019, Rosette has been invited to speak at two Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation conferences about the issue of inclusion in the mainstream classroom for Health and Physical Education teachers around South Australia – an issue she is passionate about and has made a focus of her professional life.

Rosette is currently studying a Master of Special Education and working at Saint Ignatius College, providing one-to-one support for a boy with vision impairment.

“The children I work with inspire me the most,” says Rosette. “I have a real passion for inclusion within the mainstream setting for individuals with special needs and they inspire me to make changes that will allow a more holistic and inclusive education experience.”

Find out more on the Elite Athlete Program Rosette was a part of during her studies.

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