Flinders-Nankai Graduate Profile – MA Gang (MELM ’18)

MA Gang relished the challenge of working and studying simultaneously, just as he had embraced a range of different professional pathways already in his life – and obtained benefits and knowledge at every step.

After initially graduating from Renmin University of China, MA Gang chose to further his studies with a Masters degree, on the encouragement of his classmates. He decided on the Flinders-Nankai program that best fit his busy schedule which already included running a school and serious martial arts training. “The great advantage of this course is that I was able to study and attend lectures on weekends every month, which made it convenient for me to coordinate my time,” he says.

The high quality of lectures and teaching through the MELM course proved especially inspiring for MA Gang. “Each teacher from Flinders University was exceptional and had their own characteristic teaching style. I hope to have the opportunity to visit my beloved teachers in Australia at some stage in the future.”

MA Gang remembers his classmates from the MELM studies with equal affection. “My classmates and teachers are like my family. Everything that happened during the program, I will remember forever,” he says. “I keep in touch with some of my classmates and last year we had a small party in Shanghai.”

After graduating, MA Gang returned to the school where he teaches and was able to carry out training for several key teacher colleagues.

“It was timely for me to practice the skills I learned in Nankai,” he says. “I was able to benefit from this immediately.”

Soon afterwards, he participated in several high-level teaching forums. “These had farreaching significance and created the platform for me to operate within a much higher social circle than before.”

He now holds dual roles, as Chairman of Henan Xiangcheng Changfu education group, and as a Project Manager of the Henan Yongchang construction engineering group which assists building programs in his local community.

Acknowledging that his original professional pathway has changed significantly, MA Gang has been energised and inspired by each new development along his professional journey. From initially training as a Shaolin monk to becoming a national champion of martial arts, then moving from being a martial arts actor to now be a headmaster stationed in a school serving migrant worker communities, he says focusing on education and being dedicated to learning has steered his success – and he identifies his Masters education as being of particular assistance.

“In my childhood, I dreamed of being art of a generation of martial arts stars, which is a long way from my role now as a Headmaster for rural schools. Still, I feel very happy because I help thousands of children located rurally to complete their studies and receive a good education. Perhaps different choices have different results.

“During the MELM program, I had a clearer awareness of the importance of learning and I now cherish all the available time I have. To strive for excellence, I’ve learned that it’s necessary to take everything seriously, work hard, and love life.”

He is pleased to dedicate his current path in education to his late mother, who he describes as the most important person in his life. “My mother had been a rural teacher for 25 years, which greatly influenced me. If I stick to engaging with education for the rest of my life, I believe it will be the greatest gift for my mother in heaven.”

MA Gang hopes to make the education industry bigger, stronger and more progressive in rural China – and he hopes that his additional role as Vice Chairman of the Henan martial artists association will prove helpful. “By integrating culture and martial arts into a person’s education, I am looking forward to cultivating more all-round social talents with both political integrity and military skills, to fulfil my education dream in this lifetime.

“I try our best to help rural children who have economic difficulties to study at school. So far, I have aided thousands of children. I will continue to devote myself to society and benefit future generations.”


马刚很享受一边从事工作一边进行学习的 挑战,就像他在生活中已经选择了各种不 同的职业道路一样,并在每一步中都学到 知识且获益良多。

从中国人民大学毕业后,马刚在同学们的 鼓励下,选择了攻读硕士学位。他决定就读 南开大学-澳大利亚弗林德斯大学合作办 学项目,课程设置最适合他繁忙的工作安 排,兼顾运营一所学校和严格的武术训练。 他说:“这个项目的最大优势就是我可以在 每个月的周末学习和上课,这便于我从容 的安排我的时间。”

教育领导与管理硕士项目提供优质的课 程和具备高质量的教学水平,这门课程对 于马刚来说别具启发性。“弗林德斯大学 的每一位老师都是与众不同的,都有自 己独特的教学风格。我希望将来能有机 会可以去澳大利亚拜访深受同学喜爱的 老师。”

马刚还满怀情谊的回忆起了教育领导与管 理硕士项目的同班同学。 “我的同学和老 师就像我的家人一样。学习期间的所有事 情,我都会永远记住。”他说。“我和一些同 学一直保持联系,去年我们在上海举办了 一个小型聚会。”

毕业后,马刚回到学校任教,并对一些骨干 教师进行了培训。 “现在是时候将我在南 开大学获得的技能付诸实践了,” 他说,“ 这是一个能够让我迅速学以致用的项目。”

在此之后,他多次参加高水平的教学论 坛。“这一切都具有深远的意义,为我打 造了一个绝佳的平台,提升了我原有的 社交圈。”

马刚现在有双重身份,兼任河南项城市昌 福教育集团董事长以及河南永畅建工集团 有限公司项目经理,该集团主要负责协助 当地的社区建设项目。

马刚充分认识到他最初的职业道路已经发 生了重大变化,他在职业生涯中的每一个 新的发展都让他充满着活力和灵感。从最 初的少林武僧到全国武术冠军,再从武术 演员到现在担任为农民工社区服务的学校 校长。马刚说,专注于教育和致力于学习是 他成功的方向–这与他接受的硕士教育带 给他的巨大帮助密不可分。

“在我的童年时代,我梦想成为一代武术 明星,这与我现在担任乡村学校的校长的 职业相去甚远。尽管如此,我仍然感到非常 高兴,因为我帮助了成千上万的农村儿童 完成学业并接受了良好的教育。也许不同 的选择会有不同的结果。

“在学习教育领导与管理硕士课程时,我 对学习的重要性有了更清晰的认识,现在 的我珍惜一切可以运用的时间。我深知,想 要追求卓越,必须认真对待一切,努力工作 并热爱生活。”

马刚很高兴把他目前从事的教育事业献给 他已故的母亲-他生命中最重要的人。“我 的母亲做了25年乡村教师,这对我影响很 大。如果我下半辈子坚持从事教育事业,这 将是我送给在天堂的母亲最好的礼物。”

马刚希望自己能够把中国农村的教育产 业变得更大、更强、更进步–他希望用他河 南省武术家协会副主席的身份可以对此 有所帮助。“通过把文化和武术融入到教 育中,我希望培养更多具有政治素养和军 事技能的全面型社会人才,以实现我这一 生的教育梦想。”

“我竭尽全力帮助有经济困难的农村儿童 在学校学习。 到目前为止,我已经帮助了 成千上万的孩子。 我将继续服务社会,造 福子孙后代。”

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