Flinders-Nankai Graduate Profile – XU Jingrong (MAIRET ’02)

Dealing with high pressure and competition within the banking industry has been made easier for XU Jingrong thanks to her studies within the Flinders-Nankai program. As the current Vice Director of the Bank of China Tianjin Branch, her high-risk dealings with funds are far beyond what she initially expected, she is delighted that her MAIRET qualification provides her with the knowledge and experience to excel at her job.

“Compared with the aspirations I had as a child, I would say my current career is more challenging – but also more fun – than I had expected,” says XU Jingrong.

“After graduating from the program, I have been able to apply what I have learned at the Bank of China. The MAIRET program helped me develop a good learning attitude and clear purposes in my career. I have learned the importance of teamwork and respect for others. I feel I can adapt to new things quicker than before and be proactive towards new challenges.

“The program has broadened my horizons, improved my ability to best serve my society and increase my knowledge about foreign trade companies. The combination of theory and practice acquired from the program has helped me to achieve outstanding results in my job.

XU Jingrong took part in several important Bank of China projects. Her passion for innovation gave her a chance to lead the development of the Industrial and Commercial Capital Verification E-Line system, a project developed in cooperation with the Bureau of Industry and Commerce. This system pioneered the use of electronic transfers and verification of commercial capital, not only improving the efficiency of corporate registration, but also giving financial strength to the continuous optimisation of the government.

She was also in charge of the “Smart Travel” project, jointly developed by the Tianjin Branch of the Bank of China and the Tianjin Railway Group. This project is among the best and is the first of its type implemented by the Bank of China.

XU Jingrong is especially proud that under her leadership, the branch has developed a number of successful projects focusing on serving people’s livelihood and building a strong integration with Tianjin’s economic development.

Her branch was one of the first banks to adopt bond-backed loan models in China. 42 billion RMB were given in loans to support the construction of subway lines in the Binhai New Area. The branch also initiated the setting up of a 6 billon RMB Smart Logistic Fund at Tianjin Port, which is in support of building Tianjin as the International shipping centre in North China. As part of the FTA development, a dedicated financing service was established to provide funding for aeroplane leasing, which resulted in the use of 19 planes with a credit balance of 26 billion RMB.

The branch also led the restructure of a world leading and the largest resource equipment manufacturer in China, successfully introducing strategic partners and investors. This has become a model for other large industry restructure cases.

“Through my learning experience, I have improved my management ability and innovative thinking, so that I am better at analysing and solving problems in my job,” says XU Jingrong. “Studying the latest analytical methods has prepared me to confront all incoming challenges. The innovation-driven thinking processes that I learned from the MAIRET program have been especially useful in my task to serve the community and boost the economy.”

XU Jingrong believes the effectiveness of her learning stems from the efforts of both Nanaki and Flinders universities to keep building on their long history of providing a strong education culture. “For several years Nankai has integrated its resources and improved its programs through a deep reform process.

“These measures have led to an impressive rise in the teaching quality,” she says. “Since Nankai joined forces with Flinders, both institutions have enhanced their existing resources.”

Consequently, she believes the Flinders-Nankai program’s management, education philosophy, organisation and excellent faculty stands out when compared to other universities.

“The style of teaching is very personalised and follows the motto of innovation, excellence and fairness. All of our instructors played an important role through my study, inspiring me every day and bringing new ideas every day,” she says.

“I will make the best use of this platform and the contacts I made during my studies, and the relationships I have developed with my classmates will never change. I keep in touch with most of my classmates, with whom I share daily work experiences and life issues. My years studying the MAIRET course definitively benefited me a lot.

“I will also try my best to continue learning and improving my communication skills. I especially want to work on asset integration and the promotion of major projects related to enterprise merging and reorganisation, and mining valuation techniques.”

The sum of her learning has put XU Jingrong on a course of continual development, as she continues to strive in her profession. “I hope this experience can allow me to cultivate my strategic thinking ability and market insights. And contribute further to my company’s development.”


感谢在南开大学-澳大利亚弗林德斯大学 合作办学项目的学习经历,让许景荣能够 更轻松面对银行业的高压力和激烈竞争。 作为现任中国银行天津分行副行长,她最 初并没有预想到自己将会处理高风险资 金业务。她很高兴在国际经贸关系硕士课 程中学到的知识和经验能够帮助她在工 作中取得优异的成绩。

“对比儿时的梦想,我只能说现在的工作 比我预期的更具有挑战性,也更有趣。” 许景荣说道。

从该课程毕业之后,我将所学的知识应 用 到了我在中国银行的工作中。文学硕士( 国际经贸关系)课程帮助我培养了良好的 学习态度并且制定了清晰的职业目标。 我学会了团队合作和尊重他人的重要性。 对比之前,现在的我可以更快得适应新事 物,也能更主动积极得迎接挑战。

“这个课程开拓了我的视野,提高了我服 务社会的能力,拓展了我对外贸公司的认 知,帮助我在工作中取得更好的成果。”

许景荣的工作成果包括参与多个中国 银 行的重要项目。她坚持创新驱动,牵头 中国银行天津市分行和工商局合作开发 的“工商验资E线通”系统,首创了验资信 息的电子传递,实现企业注册效率的大 幅提升,为持续优化政务环境贡献金融 力量。牵头中国银行天津市分行与天津 轨道集团合作的“智慧出行”项目建设, 在中国银行系统内尚属首例,在国内达 到领先水平。

许景荣尤其自豪的是自己主导的中国银 行天津分行的多个项目扎实服务民生和 实体经济,与天津经济发展深度融合,取 得了不俗的成绩。在全国率先创新债券支 持贷款模式,为天津投放贷款420亿元,重 点支持地铁和滨海新区建设;全力支持产 业升级,牵头发起设立60亿元天津港智慧 物流基金,助力天津建设北方国际航运中 心;助力自贸区建设,搭建金融服务平台, 积极牵头推动飞机租赁业务创新发展,实 现飞机交付19架,租赁客户授信余额超过 260亿元;牵头完成行业内排名全球第一、 国内最大的能源装备制造企业的协议重 组,成功引入战略投资者。规模创国内最 大,成为大型企业成功重组的典范。

“通过我的学习经历,提高了我的管理技 能和创新思考能力。因此在工作中我的分 析和解决问题能力得到极大提高,”许景 荣说道。“学习最新的分析方法帮助我直 面未来的挑战。我在国际经贸硕士项目中 学到的创新驱动思维过程在我的工作中 得到有效运用,帮助我更好得服务社区, 促进经济发展。”

许景荣相信,这门课程的高效性来自于南 开大学和弗林德斯大学悠久且浓厚的教 育文化。“多年以来,南开大学一直在整合 资源,进行深度改革以提升课程质量。这 些措施使教学质量显著提高,”她说道。“ 南开大学和弗林德斯大学的合作大大强 化了双方学校的现有资源。”

因此,她认为与其他大学相比,南开-弗林 德斯项目的管理,教育哲学,组织管理和 优异的师资都更为出色。

“这里的教学风格个性使然,尊崇创新、 卓越和公平的原则。所有老师在我的学习 中都扮演了重要角色,每天都启发我,每 一天都让我产生新的想法,”她说。

我会充分利用这个平台和我在学习中发 展的人脉关系,我和同学们的亲密关系不 会改变。我和大部分的同学保持联系,和 他们分享我每天的工作和生活日常。我在 国际经贸硕士项目的学习经历绝对让我 终生受益。

我会尽我所能持续学习,不断提高我的沟 通技巧。我尤其希望提高企业并购和重组 中所涉及到的资产整合、重大项目宣推技 能,以及矿业估价技能。

许景荣的学识让她持续进步,不断在她的 事业上精进。“我希望这段学习经历可以 培养我的战略思维能力和市场洞察力。为 我公司的发展助力。


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