A fulfilling career in nutrition

Javier Wong

Patient-centred Clinical Dietitian Javier Wei Lun
Won (BNutDiet ’18) helps his clients meet their nutrition and health goals.

Following studies in food science and nutrition in his home country of Malaysia, Javier was encouraged by his parents to make the bold move to come to Australia to study a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Flinders University.

‘This was undoubtedly the right choice to make,’ says Javier who is now a Clinical Dietitian at SingHealth in Singapore.

‘It’s a fulfilling career by helping patients and clients to recover well from illnesses or assisting them to eat healthily to meet their nutritional and health goals.’

At Flinders, Javier embraced the relaxed campus culture and university life.

‘I enjoyed my time sitting beside the lake looking at the ducks and spending time with friends at Flinders Medical Centre Med Library and the Student Hub to work on my assignments. During my studies I also worked as a Student Ambassador at the University.’

But it was the challenge of studying away from home that truly shaped Javier into the independent person he is today.

‘Studying abroad has widened my view and opened my mind and heart to learn new things,’ says Javier.

‘I have become more resilient, more communicative, more culturally aware and more self-disciplined,’ says Javier. ‘I also learnt the importance of being a team player and the ability to show active listening and be patient-centred while doing a consultation.’

Javier says his work on a palliative care ward has been his greatest achievement in life. ‘It was very meaningful when I knew I was helping someone whose life was ending.’

He recalls a phone call from a woman thanking him for having conversations and providing nutrition therapy to her late father before he passed on.

‘I still remember vividly the daughter was tearing up on the phone reminiscing about her late father. She expressed so much gratitude towards healthcare professionals.’

‘This told me how much impact a healthcare professional can bring to an individual’s life.’

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