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Munkhzul Chimid-Ochir standing at entrance of Flinders University

Climate change and environmental professional, Munkhzul Chimid-Ochir (MEnvMgmt ’18) has championed ground-breaking initiatives in environment management and policy coordination in her home country of Mongolia for almost two decades.

Beginning her career in environmental consulting after completing a Master of Science Technology at Moscow State University, Munkhzul’s eagerness to focus on environment and water resource management led to a role within the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism of Mongolia in 2012.

Wanting to ensure she had the best skills at hand to perform this developing role, Munkhzul discovered how Flinders’ Master of Environmental Management course would expand on climate change, green development and green economy concepts and why they are crucial to environmental management – helping her to excel in creating new, effective policy and strategy not seen in the Ministry previously.

“I had prepared myself for almost two years before applying for an Australia Awards Scholarship,” Munkhzul said.

“Fortunately, I was selected and I will always remember my time at Flinders Uni as the best time of my life.

“My first assignment, a library corner to study, my profound professors and their outstanding lectures, professional viewpoints and classroom debates and discussions with peers to elevate your thinking – I felt lucky to be blessed with beautiful Flinders Uni.”

After experiencing our Australian landscape firsthand, she was inspired to establish a water dialogue partnership between the two countries in the hope of creating a sustainable and healthy environment for future generations.

Through this partnership the Tuul River Basin, which is the largest watershed in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and contributes around 60 percent of the country’s total GDP, was added to the Global 1000+ Resilient Rivers Initiative. Locally, the International River Foundation of Australia is planning to develop and implement a pilot project to enhance the Tuul River Basin’s resilience.

Munkhzul’s passion for modern sustainability practices was recognised by her appointment to Head of the Water Resources Division in 2019.

“My Flinders experience broadened my horizon, helped me to think outside the box, and encouraged my motivation and confidence,” said Munkhzul.

“Now, I’m not afraid of any challenges and difficulties in my career because I believe there will always be solutions and ways out of any challenging circumstances.”

Munkhzul’s impact spreads further than environment, climate change and water – she founded Support Precious, an NGO that supports sustainable development, climate change capacity building and promote youth who have ambitions to make a meaningful impactful in other’s lives. She has also initiated and implemented several community development projects, such as Clean Air Mongolia with Fulcrum Aid Australia, and the Save Future by Drop project within a women’s leadership program. Currently, Munkhzul is focused on two major initiatives; implementing a strengthening neuro-endovascular surgery department at the Third National Hospital in Mongolia and supporting the One Million Leaders Asia program which has a mission to connect, empower and inspire NextGen leaders from Mongolia.

After contributing to the growth and success of environmental management for so long, Munkhzul has now transitioned to the mining industry as a Compliance Manager with Erdene Mongol LLC.

“Erdene is committed to responsible mining through transparency and innovations,” Munkhzul said.

“They are developing a high-grade Khundii Minerals District and I have a passion to be part of this exciting project and pursuit of responsible corporate excellence.

“Particularly, I would like to contribute with science-based effective decisions and solutions to environment and community development aspects of the project. I believe this will be a crucial governance trigger point to make a bigger impact for future mining and environment sector development.”

Although being busier than ever, Munkhzul’s support of her community remains a high priority. Her motivation to inspire ambitious youth through sharing knowledge and experience ultimately leads to reaching her original goal: creating happiness, human well-being, and prosperity in her home country.


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