Kosta Manning

Kosta Manning

Honours Degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Robotics), 2020

What is your current role and responsibility?

I am the Project Engineer for Robotics and Automation at the Australian Industrial Transformation Institute. I am the lead engineer for robotics projects and daily institute robotics and virtual reality operations across the Factory of the Future laboratories.

What do you like most about what you do?
My job gives me lots of variety and I get to learn a lot about new and upcoming robotics and virtual reality technologies – as a technology enthusiast, I find great joy in trying and using new and exciting technologies in these streams before they become more widely adopted.

What is the achievement you are most proud of?
I have worked on a few different and exciting projects since I started my engineering career, however I think I am most proud of an achievement I never envisioned attaining. I recently worked with director Garry Stewart on a on a robotics and dance project where we were able to create a live performance between five professional dancers and four robots – I never envisioned myself working in the arts, so this is a recent achievement I am pretty proud of.

Is there any experience from your time at Flinders that has had a lasting impact on you professionally or
I think the experience that gave the most lasting impact was my work integrated learning – not only did this enable me to find work in my final year of university, it also helped me kickstart my career in robotics and technology research.

What do you think engineering will look like in 30 years?
I think engineering will look very different, but the thinking processes will be the same – I think AI and other technologies will become a lot more mainstream and apparent in our day to day lives and I am excited but also a little anxious to see how this will impact future work and future generations.

What advice do you have for your younger self, or for students beginning an engineering career?
Do as much learning outside of university as possible! Join an engineering club or do some self-guided work experience! This helped me a lot, to make some valuable connections and to learn the valuable technical and interpersonal skills I use daily.

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