Student Voice….Me and CBT – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy postgraduate study at Flinders University

Rather than tell you about the work we’ve been up to this year I thought it might be better to hear from some of our students who make the bold and courageous decision to embark on postgraduate studies. The reasons people return to study or continue on with their learning pathways are personal and varied. Here are some of our past and current student voices responding to a few questions posed about why, where and what they have found out about themselves and their careers whilst completing and finishing the Master of CBT at Flinders. Thank you to each of you for your effort, commitment and continuous desire to grow.

Paula Redpath 

Course Coordinator

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Postgraduate Courses


What have been the most rewarding aspects of the study? 

Coming to the end of the course and realising that I had not only survived it but that I could be proud of what I had achieved. I know that I am a competent clinician because of this Master’s degree due its structure, course material, placements and most importantly the support I received throughout.  . Nicoline 

Being able to learn from the well-distinguished individuals in the field, being able to establish meaningful friendships with the peers, given the small cohort of students. Khairul 

There have been many rewarding elements of the study – most obviously the ongoing improvement of skills and knowledge in the application of CBT in various forms and applications. Also – being encouraged to contribute to courses, and to be invited to actively contribute to the teaching and learning of other students – this has been very rewarding. I’m incredibly appreciative of the input from Paula, Anthony, Fiona and the wider teaching team as this has been crucial in my development and growth over the past four years within the course. Tim 

The most rewarding aspects of the study has been the opportunity to undertake clinical practicums, which have provided me the opportunity to build my confidence in my competence to conduct comprehensive assessments and treatment plans which adhere to the CBT framework. Wendy 

Client outcomes. Today a long term unemployed who was suffering from complex depression had been in jail this year for three months got a job. Dylan 


What have you learnt about yourself that you didn’t know before postgraduate study?

That I am more capable and more resilient than I was aware before starting the course, as I was pushed to my own limits at times. It also awakened a hunger in me to continuously learn more in order to develop my clinical skills but also to develop as a supervisor. Nicoline 

Knowing and wanting to do something is definitely different to actually doing it. Khairul 

I have learned I am capable of more than I previously thought possible – in regard to my skills and the application of my skills. I have been stretched and challenged throughout the course which has made me more resilient and focused on my development and future career and clinical goals. Tim 

I have learnt that I am able to successfully manage the often-conflicting demands of postgraduate study with my own private and professional commitments. Wendy 

How much I value the learning process; so-much-so that starting a family, studying and working full time is possible. Dylan 


How has the course created opportunities for you?

I have moved to the UK and found a job in an IAPT service whereby I became a supervisor within 2 months’ time and soon after became a senior in this service which meant being part of the management team. I have been fortunate enough to be part of writing new protocols for this service, have been a part of the hiring process of new clinicians and am regarded as a safeguarding champion after being given the opportunity for advanced training in this field. Nicoline 

It provides me an edge to others within the mental health profession. It is in regards to the fact that instead of only claiming to have a full understanding and technical functionality of CBT, I can also provide evidence of my educational qualification in that I have a Masters in CBT. Khairul 

The course has altered my health career significantly, with my current roles and career opportunities, all directly a result from studying in the course. It has been a game changer for me. Tim 

The course has provided me the opportunity to develop a network of peer support and enhance my knowledge and skills of clinical supervision. Wendy 

I have been able to work in the Disability employment space.  I have been able to refine APM’s practice and processes to improve services for ADF personnel leaving the Defence force on medical grounds.  Subsequently, am now short listed for a NSW Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association Award for innovation in return to work:


What constructive advice would you give to your pre-study self to equip you better? 

This course is going to test your boundaries and challenge you throughout the course. Be open to the journey you are about to embark on and accept that you will struggle but that you will come out being more resilient and a competent clinician. Nicoline 

Always ask the lecturers and supervisors whenever you have any questions about the topics in the course. That is one of the most effective ways to take full advantage of the experience from the lecturers and supervisors. Khairul 

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Talk it through with the teaching team. You won’t have all the answers straight away. It’s ok to feel unequipped and unsure. Keep on going. Tim 

Develop practical strategies to support you whilst participating in the clinical practicums.  They take a great deal of time and will impact other aspects of your life.  Before commencing practicums create a self-care plan and stick to it. Wendy 

Meeting the deadlines and achieving a pass is a small sum of the overall whole when it comes to the clinical placements and overall growth as a practitioner:  Keep the bigger picture in mind.  Dylan 


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I would like to do my PHD but also continue with my clinical work as a therapist as I am continuously wanting to develop my own skills and widen my horizon on specific interests of mine. Nicoline 

Being a Mental Health Clinician and contributing more to the community in my home country through spreading awareness as well as tackling the stigma around mental health. Khairul 

I hope I will be practicing CBT in some form, somewhere. I would like to be continuing to hone my skills in the art of CBT, both in one-to-one therapy, and I hope to be working on a wider scale to continue the increased provision of evidence-based CBT resources for people struggling with high prevalence mental health illness. The sky is the limit! :) Tim 

Working as a cognitive behaviour therapist and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker who is contributing to the development of mental health and social and emotional wellbeing practice within South Australia. Wendy 

Either management of a team or “service line” or a Sole contractor (likely in the life insurance sector) Dylan

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