What type of research is happening at FHBHRU?

Physical and Mental Health

As we approach the end of the year we are busy with the numerous ongoing research projects / tenders underway at FHBHRU.

An example of this is the Narrative Synthesis we have been funded to undertake by the South Australian Mental Health Commission. This synthesis seeks to identify all programs, on any platform (e.g., face-to-face or digital), that has sought to promote the physical and mental health of new fathers, given the challenges and opportunities they face. The outcome being to then inform the SA Health Commission in any future directions they may take in this space.

The team on this project here at FHBHRU consists of Professor Sharon Lawn, Dr David Smith, and me (Dr Anthony Venning), along with Ms Maddie Herd (research assistant) and Ms Leila Mohammadi (research librarian). We are lucky to have the services of Maddie and Leila (pictured) to help us with the daunting task of searching both the published and unpublished literature in this area.

Maddie Herd & Leila Mohammadi

Along with this project the unit continues to work on research that focus on:

  • Smoking cessation in disadvantaged populations,
  • Applying the Flinders Program to improve cardiovascular health (NHMRC funded) and investigate improving mental health in veteran and ESFR populations.
  • Pilot research to determine the acceptability, effectiveness, and economic benefits of Low intensity Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (LICBT) materials in the FMC Pain Unit (FMCPU).
  • Evaluating a National Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) case management pilot.

While the above provides only a snapshot of the extensive product development, training, and research currently undertaken at FHBHRU, it does provide an indication of the variety and practical / user focus orientation that we maintain.

If you have any questions about what is described above, or other research enquiries, please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with the relevant researchers within FHBHRU.

Yours sincerely

Dr Anthony Venning

Lecturer (Scholarly Fellow)/Research Manager

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Postgraduate Programs

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