Are we beyond caring? CFI conference answers big questions

The Caring Futures Institute held its inaugural virtual conference at the beginning of November, drawing interest from over 180 viewers.

The online event Are We Beyond Caring? Enabling the voiceless to be heard and the invisible to be seen was held on 3 November, featuring Institute researchers and four guest speakers from around Australia and internationally.

The conference recording can be viewed here. See the schedule below to watch specific presentations.

  • Professor Alison Kitson, Welcome – Are we beyond care? An introduction to the Caring Life Course Theory.
  • Professor Tom Shakespeare, Independent living, feminist ethic of care, and where next?, start time: 20.06.
  • Professor Trish Greenhalgh, Doing Covid-19 science in a post-truth world, start time: 40.45.
  • Professor Debra Jackson AO, What has the Black Lives Matter movement taught us about caring?, start time: 1.04.09.
  • Dr Lynore Geia, Growing Culturally Safe Care in the Profession, start time: 1.22.36
  • Professor Sally Robinson, Dr Darryl Selwood, and Ellen Fraser-Barbour, (How) can we realise the potential for transformation?, start time: 1.46.55.
  • Dr Jo Murray, It’s basic care, but it’s not easy, start time: 2.12.00.
  • Dr Yvonne Parry, Making the invisible, visible: connecting children to health, start time: 2.17.46.
  • Dr Rachel Milte, Need for the voice of people with dementia in quality of care’, start time: 2.22.33.
  • Dr Alinka Fisher, The Positive Behaviour Support Landscape: The Wild West, start time: 2.28.22.
  • Professor Raj Shekhawat, Professor Julie Ratcliffe, Professor Sue Gordon, and Professor Annette Briley​, Changing the way we think about care, start time: 2.43.13.
  • ​Professor Alison Kitson, summary and closing remarks, start time: 3.15.48.
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