BRAVE lecture: Could an avatar save your life?

Professor Robyn Clark, leader of the Caring Futures Institute’s Better Care theme, presents a Flinders BRAVE lecture on patient care in the digital age.

Professor Clark and guest panellists Justin Wight, Company Director, Monkeystack and co-designer, Joe Garucch, discuss how digital technologies can assist to help patients manage their conditions more easily.

Throughout the BRAVE lecture, the speakers ask the big question – could an avatar save your life?

With the proliferation of devices, the use of avatars and games is growing in healthcare. Nurse Cora, Bob, and Mary are avatars that can teach people who have heart disease, how to recognise and respond quickly to their symptoms.

Heart disease is one of Australia’s most serious health issues affecting more than 620,000 people. It’s also Australia’s single leading cause of death. Heart disease requires daily management and is often burdensome to those who have the serious and lifelong condition.

The answer to helping heart patients manage their condition more easily lies in digital technologies.

Watch the recording below.


About Professor Robyn Clark

Professor Robyn Clark is an internationally recognised senior clinician and researcher. A former Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellow, Robyn is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing (FCNA), a Fellow of the American Heart Association (FAHA), Fellow of the Cardiac Society of Australian and New Zealand (FCSANZ) and a Life Member of the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses.

Robyn’s research is focused on heart health with an interest in increasing access to services for heart failure and heart disease patients especially in rural and remote Australia, technology in health delivery and prevention and services for cardiotoxicity after cancer treatment. Her research has contributed to the interactive Fluid Watchers app, which has helped improve Australian’s awareness and action for heart attack symptoms.

Professor Robyn Clark
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