CFI researchers present to thousands for international symposium

Researchers from the Caring Futures Institute presented to a virtual audience of 27,000 recently for an international symposium on nursing leadership and clinical evidence translation.

The researchers presented each during different timeslots of the two-day virtual symposium jointly hosted by Flinders University and the School of Nursing at Fudan University, China. 

Virtual International Symposium on Nursing Leadership and Clinical Evidence Translation: presenters from the Flinders University Caring Futures Institute:

Professor Alison Kitson, Caring Futures Institute Foundational Director and lead of the Knowledge Translation theme, provided the opening remarks on 20 and 21 November, as well as a presentation on ‘Facilitators and Leaders Actively Mobilising Evidence (FLAME)’.

Professor Robyn Clark, lead of the Better Care theme at the Caring Futures Institute, delivered ‘Research without translation and implementation: what is the point?’

Dr Sarah Hunter presented on M i-PARIHS Toolkit and a case study – linking practice facilitation.

Dr Tiffany Conroy presented ‘REDUCE: Eat Walk Engage’.

Dr Heather Block presented ‘How do I do Knowledge Translation? The perspective from a clinician to researcher’.

Dr Michael Lawless presented on ‘The relationship between transdisciplinary research collaboration and KT incl KT complexity network model’.

Associate Professor Stacey George presented ‘What is the role of a leader to promote innovation in a clinical setting?’

Professor Lily Xiao presented ‘Translating knowledge into practice in caregivers through leadership in implementing iSupport for Dementia.

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